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New this week:
Children's Support Fund update
District Safeguarding Officer Retires
Thanks from Margaret
After the Storm
Wesley House Free Event
Rwanda Change of Date
Line Management Training
Fair Trade Market
Bankuet Food Donation Platform
In case you missed it:
3Generate News
Action for Children News with working links
John Howard talk on Israel Palestine
Lay Conference 2021

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Children's Support Fund

The above fund has been available to access for about 18 months now and I would encourage more applicants to support the young and disadvantaged children from our District. As we are now coming out of the pandemic I am sure Churches are looking at what new activities they might be able to run and this fund may be able to help. There is a ceiling of £500 and applications need to made on the attached form and emailed to Tim Lorimer @
Some examples of activities we have supported are:
Kingswinford. Purchase of Lego sets for their Full of Spirits Project
St John's Bloxwich.  Support for School meals
Fallings Park, Stationary bags to support prayer spaces for Children
Stafford.  Tablets to help in school work
Beckminster.  Christingle Bags
Aldridge.  Support for their ECO warriors project
Bourne Methodists.  Support for newly formed Dads and Children's Saturday club
Cole Street.. Working with Safer Families Charity providing activities for Children
Should anyone want more details of these projects please send me an email.


District Safeguarding Officer Retires

Having retired from the National Health Service (NHS) in 2007, Margaret Reynolds came to the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury Methodist District. Her experience as a designated nurse and Team Leader in Child Protection, serving full-time in hospitals in Dudley, included responding to abuse suffered by predominantly children, (and the abuse of adults intrinsically involved,) resulting from domestic abuse. Such abuse cases would be uncovered in the paediatric, midwifery and the Accident and Emergency departments across which Margaret then worked. 
She became Safeguarding Officer for the Telford Circuit, then in 2009 was recruited as the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District Safeguarding Officer. Her first thoughts about the work, were that it would be vastly different from her NHS role, mostly entailing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. There was also the expectation that she would avoid instances of having to attend court. Such thinking lasted just two weeks. Within that time there was a court case and a conviction. “But” Margaret remarked, “no one in the District had been informed.” There had been a noticeable reticence to discussing safeguarding issues.
Thirteen years on, things have progressed. “Things have changed quite a bit,” Margaret explains, “People are more willing to come forward for help. Also, it’s useful to know what transpired, what the allegations are and what the outcomes are. Some offenders have had prison sentences and it is helpful for the church to know what the seriousness of the case is, and that’s no easy task.”
Margaret feels that through working in the NHS where she mixed with all types of people, she learned to practice non-judgementalism which she believes is crucial to safeguarding roles.  “In Safeguarding there’s no discriminating between those who are affluent and those more humble, or discrimination of sex, age or race and I delight that we treat everybody equally. All are entitled to respect and to be listened to and to be helped or put in touch with people who can help them, for however long it takes. Survivors (of abuse) are also important. We very often used to concentrate on the abuser and how to help them. We have been to court for survivors and victims, which we were not doing before. Both sides are important and the work we do should be ongoing work as far as both survivors and abusers are concerned. Peoples’ understanding changes and we need to keep up to date.” she said.
Reflecting on her time delivering Safeguarding Training across the District, Margaret acknowledged the large number of people she has trained and the many varied responses. “There was some defence,” she recalls, “people didn’t always like to hear what we had to do as a church. Through whittling away we’re making Safeguarding very important for all of us and we’re helping people along their paths of their actual Christian faith. Some (perpetrators of abuse,) have been on Contract (that is, under the guidance and direction of the Methodist Church,) for years. We whittled away at the anger and helped them, gradually. Today because of the attention from Methodist Conference, for some who have been on Contract for years the level of risk of reoffending is so low. They know they have support groups in the church to help them, they have friends within the church walking alongside them. In some  cases these supporting people have become lifelong friends, they do an amazing job, they are out of the limelight, and have signed confidentiality agreements so never talk about their work.”
The essential message Margaret wants to leave us is that Safeguarding is about justice and mercy. At root it is, she says, “Really about loving people who need to be loved despite the offence. That will see the turnaround, enable them to repent, understand and be sorry for what they did. That can be very hard sometimes, for everybody concerned.” She stresses that maintaining the multi-agency approach to Safeguarding adopted by the Methodist Church, where councils, the police and welfare agencies work closely together, is vital.
Margaret recently hosted a get together for District Safeguarding personnel. Asked about her retirement plans she revealed that whilst continuing her role as Safeguarding Officer to the Telford Circuit, she plans to “Pause and reflect and think very carefully about what I wish to do now. Reflect on what skills I have as I still wish to use the skills I’ve gained, and understanding is ongoing.”
The Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District wishes to thank Margaret for her tireless care and attention, knowledge, and expertise in her role as District Safeguarding Officer.
 District Safeguarding Officer Sue Holder took up the post on September 1.


Thank you from Margaret

A huge thank you to everyone across the District who contributed to my retirement present.
I now have a cast iron garden bench where I can sit and gaze across the Shropshire Hills  and the borderlands to Wales; a lovely way to sit and relax and enjoy retirement.
Wishing you all well and God’s blessing.
Many thanks,


After the Storm

MHA working in partnership with the Methodist Church Learning Network is offering this free webinar. It will feature speakers from across MHA Chaplaincy using some of the ideas from Relative Recovery and the recent Guide to supporting colleagues plus some brand new material.
Please advertise it round your networks to anyone who you think might be interested. Booking is on Eventbrite:


Wesley House Free Event

Firstly let me introduce myself as I'm the Academic Administrator here at Wesley House, Cambridge.

We are currently celebrating our centenary year and we would be extremely grateful if you could help promote our forthcoming free event - Leading like a Methodist - which can be experienced both online and in-person.

I have attached our main flyer for the event and link to further details on our website -

Any assistance you can offer with spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

With best wishes,

Dan Stow

Yvonne Gough


Rwanda trip date change

The dates for the 2022 visit to Rwanda have been changed. They are now 17th May- 2nd June (arriving home 3rd June)
Airline tickets will be booked at the beginning of November
Cost £750 the balance of £750 will need to be paid at the end of March 2022.
If anyone else would like to join the group now the dates have changed you will be very welcome. Contact Yvonne on 07773093048 or to register your interest and more details.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Yvonne Gough


Line Management Training

Please click Here to find out more.



Fair Trade Market

Wolverhampton, 2 October 2021 
Whilst churches may be being cautious about serving refreshments after services or hosting other events where fair trade products might be on sale, Wolverhampton Fair Traid hopes to support our loyal customers by holding a fair trade market on the morning of Saturday 2nd October from 10:30am - 12:30pm.  
This will be an opportunity for individuals to look at stock cupboard and gift items with a view to shopping early for Christmas. 
If you are in the area, to pop in for a browse. 
I would be grateful if you could display our publicity at church, on notice sheet, fb page, etc. 
Thank you for your support 
Brenda Shuttleworth 


Bankuet Food Donation Platform

We partner with over 180 food banks around the country to get them what they need, when they need it. As you’ll know, demand for food banks has been extremely high over the last 18 months and the support of churches this Harvest will be vital. 
If you're not heard of us, Bankuet is the UK's first zero waste food donation platform - and as you can imagine we've had a crazy time during Covid. To give you an idea of our impact, please watch our Year 2 video.
By running a Harvest fundraising campaign through our website, churches can encourage online donations. We then pool these and use them to bulk purchase the items the food bank is most in need of. Not only is it easy for churches to carry out, it also increases their impact through bulk purchasing and reduces waste.
I’ve attached a PDF with a little more information and this folder has a range of template messages and social images to make it really easy for you to share with your connections (through whatever communication channels you prefer). Anything you can do to help get the word out is hugely appreciated.
If you need more information do reach out to the team on this email and they will help you and answer any questions you may have.
Many thanks in advance,
Robin Ferris
Founder, CEO


3Generate News

Dear Colleagues,
We hope you are making the most of a slower pace of life over the summer.  We thought it would be helpful to keep you updated with plans for 3Generate so that you can continue sharing information about the event and encouraging groups to join us in October. 
We were very sad to not be able to meet at 3Generate last year, having to cancel the event was a deep loss. During that time we introduced 365, had some gatherings of young people virtually and explored together what it meant to Tune In to God. We were still able to elect our Youth President online and the good news is that this year we can meet! And we’re over the moon that we can do this!
3Gen 2021 is a great chance to deepen relationships and build on the reconnections with children and young people. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet so let’s not wait!  We believe groups will be really excited to meet face to face again and we all know the power of residentials, as a great way of having fun with, and growing relationships with, our children and young people. Experience tells us that residential events can have huge and lasting impact on a child or young person’s faith development too.
This year’s theme is ‘In Tune’ - with each other and with God. This includes an exploration of the story of Peter and how he was In Tune with what God was doing at some points in his life—and not in other parts of his life.  There are some brilliant venues in the 3Gen town such as the Theatre Royale, Arts Centre, Town Hall, Health and Wellbeing Centre, The Great Outdoors, marketplace, chapel and arena.  Young people can also explore what faith looks like in our Wilderness space and find out more about experiences of those who find themselves on the margins.
For the first time we are welcoming 4 to 7 year olds in their own designated space on Saturday 30 October, from 10am to 3pm, where they can join in a dynamic and immersive programme of activities designed to aid them in reflecting on faith, life and meeting with God in their own dedicated space, separate to the main 3Generate event.
Through three different ‘zones’ they can choose to explore ‘home’, ‘the outdoors’ and ‘school/nursery’, where there will be plenty of different ways to wonder and ask questions. The programme is flexible and designed so that younger children can make their own choices, exploring the space as they feel led. It’s 3Generate but on a smaller scale!
Each child will need an adult with them for the whole day. They can be accompanied by up to two significant adults, who may be parents, carers, grandparents or others they know well from church. These adults can encourage and support children as they explore all that’s on offer during the day. The venue and programme is intended to be an intergenerational space.
There will also be some great chances to celebrate together. From the big light switch on, Friday evening, through the Festival on Saturday night with an international flavour and street entertainment, to the energetic mass worship with Urban Praise Party and up and coming band Echo.  3Generate 2021 promises to be a huge party—celebrating the joy of being together after so long apart. We don’t think anyone would want to miss it!
As we look forward to 3Generate 2021, what is there to support leaders?  As term starts in September, there is still plenty of time for groups to arrange to attend 3Generate—and we, the CYF team, will be there, every step of the way, supporting leaders to bring children and young people to 3Generate.  Some of the ways we are doing this:
· District or regional drop-in and find out sessions hosted by District Ambassadors (DA).  If there are limited or no DAs in your region we are keen to arrange a similar event with you.
· Regularly updated website with vital information including FAQs: 3Generate 2021 FAQs (
· 3Generate help desk:
· Later booking and the payment deadline extended to 23rd October
· Ability to return up to three tickets by the end of September
· Equipping session for leaders who are bringing groups to 3Generate nearer the time
We will offer support and help leaders work out everything they need to bring children and young people to the event, including helping them to identify and mitigate risks.  Would you join us and spread the word about 3Generate in all the regional places and meetings you find yourself in?  There is a flyer attached that we’d ask you to forward to and share as far and wide as possible.  Do make the most of any opportunities available to you at Synod to promote 3Generate, building confidence amongst those who may still be unsure. 
For the wider church we’d urge them to volunteer and join the team making the event happen.  There are a whole range of roles for different abilities, ages and skills.  People can volunteer for a day or the whole weekend, there’s plenty of flexibility.  More information can be found here: Volunteering (
In this joint endeavour do have conversations with those in your regions working alongside children and young people about coming along to 3Generate this year.  It’s going to be an incredible weekend to remember.  Join us as we continue to pray that God will be at work in mighty and extraordinary ways in the lives of all our children and young people.
With every blessing
The Children, Youth & Family Team


Action for Children News

News for your District from Action for Children








Hope in Israel Palestine

Revd. John Howard will be visiting the District on Tuesday 12th October to share his experiences of his time working in Jerusalem.  He has written a book which will be available on the evening and says, “I hope that the book sets out the grounds for hope for a solution to the conflict that has gone on for so long. The first thing that those who look for peace in the land called Holy need, is the belief that a just peace is attainable.” 
The meeting will be chaired by Revd Rachel Parkinson and will be @ 7.30 pm at Beckminster Methodist Church, Birches Barn Road, Wolverhampton, WV2 4PX. 
Please put the date in your diary! 




Lay Conference 2021

Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District in partnership with Lichfield Diocese
Lay Conference Detail
Title;               Discipleship Today – Being and Doing
Date;              Saturday 4th December 2021
Time;              10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue;            Yarnfield Park Conference and Training Centre, Yarnfield near Stone, Staffordshire
Cost;               £20.00 per person
09.30 – 10.00                      Arrival
10.00 – 10.20                      Welcome and Worship
10.20 – 11.15                      Bible Study / Reflection on Discipleship - Revd Rachel Parkinson
11.15 – 11.35                      Coffee Break
11.35 – 13.00                      Keynote Address – Revd. Roger Walton
13.00 – 14.00                      Lunch
14.00 – 14.40                      Round 1 workshops
14.40 – 14.50                      Movement
14.50 – 15.30                      Round 2 workshops
15.30 – 15.45                      Summing up – Bishop Michael
15.45 – 16.00                      Closing Worship
16.00                                   Departure
Workshop Leader and Title
Roger Walton – Discipleship – Following a rule for life
Andrew Roberts – Discipleship and Forgiveness
Dr Lindsey Hall – Discipleship and Change     
Helen Morby – Discipleship and Joy

Click here for more details and here.
For more background information, click here
For booking forms, click here.



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