Welcome to Beckminster Methodist church.

I must admit that the advent season exposes the two social contexts that provides a background to my spirituality. Christmas in Rwanda (where I spent the first three decades of my life) is celebrated with exuberant conviviality and generous hospitality, but with less spending and much less commercial activity. Contrast this with the commercial take over of Christmas in Western society where I have lived for nearly a quarter of century, and you will understand my difficulty with compulsive overspending we take to be norm around this time of the year. 

What I have learnt is that the more distractions we have and the more commercial activity is taking place this time, the more difficult it is for us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas; why God decided to step into our world and become one of us. In terms of global peace for instance, there is more evidence that the world is heading further away from where God wants it to be.  Technological advance exposes human’s inclinations to inflict harm on each other on a bigger scale. On an individual level, stories abound showing that we need God’s kingdom to come into our lives more than ever before.

It is from these two lenses that I wish you a good Christmas, a Christmas during which God’s peace is sought, glimpsed and lived.  

Happy Christmas

Your friend and Minister

Paul Nzacahayo